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In 1996, Reliable Relamping, Inc. was founded to provide turnkey solutions for the lighting maintenance needs of various facilities, ranging from small manufacturers to large national retailers. From the small beginnings of one truck and five employees, Reliable Relamping, Inc. has grown into a national lighting provider. With more than 100 employees, 40 lighting vehicles, and 60 aerial lifts, we are thoroughly equipped to supply customers of any size with quality lighting services.

Our many services offered include Group Relamp, Scheduled Lighting Maintenance, Retrofitting, LED & Exit Sign Retrofitting, Lamp Recycling, and other electrical lighting projects. Today, our customers range from regional to national retailers, including 6 of the top 30 U.S. retailers. We currently provide service to over 1600 locations covering the Midwest region and an additional 200 locations across the nation.